Music Videos of my first Album Amka!


Amka!“ is my first album which is now on the market. “Amka” means in Swahili “wake up” and it is composed and played with samplers from traditional tribal music from Tanzania. These samplers are marimba, traditional drums, percussion, flutes and singing styles from different tribes in a mixture.

I am sill searching for other varieties of traditional music and dance styles of Tanzania.

So far I published eight audio songs and three videos which you can watch if you scroll down.

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Ich Möchte... (Audio with lyrics in Swahili and German)

Pachingo Mbaride (Official Music Video)

"Pachingo Mbaride" is Kiyao, my tribal language and means "Chamaeleon" or "Fickle Person". I sing about a person who likes comlaining and belives in superstition but his live style is his own mistake. He accuses his neighbours that they are bewitching him unless he bewitches himself.

To get the lyrics in Swahili click here.

Amka! (Official Music Video)

The song "Amka" is about our Tanzanian culture and the objects of interest which we have in our country.

To get its lyrics in Swahili click here.

Wazazi (Official Music Video)

Usikae Jitume (Official Music Video)

Nimeamini (Official Music Video)

Najua Nilichopenda (Official Music Video)

This song is about the bitter truth of love. To get its lyrics click here.

Kitu Live

This video will follow soon. To get it's lyrics pkease click here.